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Damn, it's been ages since I was on this account. xD But, little to none of my watchers on my new account are in the PnF fandom, so I decided to post this here. PnF episode. Yay! I stopped watching the show around the end of the 3rd season, but I've done my best to keep up with the special episodes, such as the crossovers and whatnot. So yeah, I heard about Act Your Age, and decided to check it out.

First thing first; it wasn't ME who sent that letter asking if Perry would ever get a girlfriend. |D And yet, I have a feeling I'm going to be made fun of for that now, solely because they used the name 'Becky'. :'D

Now, before I go on, I feel I should mention that a few things have changed since I left the fandom, most notably my shippings. For one, I don't like Phinbella as much as I used to. I still like it, mind you, a LOT, but it's not my OTP. That position now belongs to Ferbella...pfft, bet you weren't seeing that one coming. xD Well, excuse me, but she's the only girl I can actually picture Ferb with. Emily's creator is officially gone, and as for Vanessa...ugh. What were Dan and Swampy thinking? But, we'll get to that when we get to that.

So, anyway, I did squeal a bit inside at the Phinbella in this episode, especially the kiss. I mean, the chorus in the background was a bit of a goofy choice, but hey, this episode was a fucking fanfiction anyway. Don't believe me? Let's make a list:
Plot taking place with the main cast as teenagers? Check!

Episode not done in the series of events style that it's had since day one? Check! (no, the garbage can getting rid of the table doesn't count |D)

Barely anybody really aged? Check!

Ferb talking frequently? Check!

The rest of the cast resorted to Phinbella shippers? Check!

Nothing invented at all? Check!

Phineas has an unexplained, non-previously established crush on Isabella? Check!

Phineas is just...told that Isabella had a crush on him? Check!

Phinbella, Phinbella and more Phinbella? Check!

Other popular shippings made canon, such as Ferbnessa and Balinger? You bet your ass, check!
Now, do I HATE this episode? No, I wouldn't say that. It bothered me, yes, but there were some parts I liked.

Candace was hilarious (I mean, come on, law school is so fitting for her!). Buford was hilarious. Major Monogram was hilarious (better place, pffft, that actually scared me for a sec xD). LAWRENCE FLETCHER was hilarious. And I swear to god, I must be the only one who liked the Doof/Perry plot. Sure, making Doofenshmirtz not evil anymore was kind of strange to me, but I will take "Mid-Life Crisis" over "What Might Have Been" any fucking day. <3 Seriously, I might start watching the show again, just so I can see Doof. He's my new favourite character. ^^

Oh, and can I just say that while the Phinbella was over the top, and the Ferbnessa was right the fuck out of nowhere

...that the Balinger was so cute and realistic for those characters? Don't even get me started, or I swear I might start fangirling. :'D

Finally, especially I loved what the creators did at the end: "they're just fictional characters," or something like that. I made me feel that this fanservice was intentionally like this, just so that they could stick it to the fans who have been asking for this. xD Because, that IS one of the reasons I left; the fandom runs on Phinbella, and I needed more diversity, so I branched out.

My ending statement? Not my favourite episode, but I wouldn't say it's my least favourite, either. I just think the idea was poorly executed. But if there's one good thing about it, you can actually thank this episode that I might be coming back to the fandom. I'm thinking of using this account for sketches, and random art I don't want in my main gallery (which is CitrusGalaxy btw, I keep forgetting to post it xD), but that will include PnF art, as well.

My plans? I'm officially scrapping Gabriella, and in her place, developing a Phinbella or Ferbella character (her father won't be stated, too keep her neutral; after all, it's still possible Isabella's going to marry Phineas OR Ferb c; ). My next gen is long in need of a reboot, anyway (recolours, recolours everywhere). I'm going to start drawing Ferbella, because screw you fandom, I've been hanging with Sonic fans for over a year, and they've taught me to do whatever I want. And, I'll be turning my gallery completely around, drawing a lot more Doofensmirtz, and stuff you don't regularly see in this fandom.

Feel free to unwatch me here. I'm not on much, anyway. Becky is out, peace! <3

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