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Well, it's dA's fourteenth birthday, so what the heck. But be prepared, because this is gonna be long.

So, let's start at the beginning. The very beginning. Two years ago, I was not a very good artist. I mean, I wasn't terrible, but art wasn't really my main thing. I did it in school projects, I knew how to draw, but you couldn't really consider me an artist. Well, anyway, back then, I was into the show Phineas and Ferb, as many of my old watchers know. So, I began drawing them.

Also, during school, I would sit with my friend bleachyoursoul, and just talk and draw. But one day, we ended up talking about devianART. She had joined a few months before me, and told me it was an art website. I had been on it before, to search up Phinbella drawings and the likes, but I didn't have an account. So, I got one in April 2012. And at first, it was shaky. I just uploaded some sketches, and maybe some poorly coloured pencil-drawings. But I had absolutely no grip on the pencil, and the paper and supplies that I used, were very sloppy. Heck, I couldn't even use the scanner correctly! xD

But…strangely, I got a little better. By looking at other artists' techniques, I started colouring in the lines, doing backgrounds, and even changed my style to look more like the actual PnF TV show's.

So, in one month, I had gone from this:

Request by TANMAC43 by IamNotcrazyYouare 
To this:
Me and My Bro are Taking Care of Things by IamNotcrazyYouare

…I'm not gonna bore you with all of Summer 2012, but basically, during that time, my grip on the pencil got better, I was more accurate with colouring, and I stopped sketching as often, and actually put time and care into my work. Not saying I was good at it, just saying I was becoming more interested. It looked something like this:

Day 9 - Hello Seattle by IamNotcrazyYouare Request For Dallimater by IamNotcrazyYouare Day 3 - Vanessa Missed Out by IamNotcrazyYouare I WAS BORED OUT OF MY MIND! by IamNotcrazyYouare

Then came september, where I began to learn about shading. And while I can't say I improved much, I started using a lineart pen, and prismacolour pencils, which helped for colouring. So…fall 2012 looked something like this:

It's Always a Good Time by IamNotcrazyYouare Bridgette/Xavier - I'm Only Me When I'm With You by IamNotcrazyYouare 2000 Pageviews - Floating Phinbella by IamNotcrazyYouare For Strength, For a Cure by IamNotcrazyYouare 3000 - Camp Fun and Games by IamNotcrazyYouare Contest Entry - Skate Date by IamNotcrazyYouare

And then came 2013, when I started using copic markers. A lot. Heck, I even took point commissions. :'D

PC - Make a Wish by IamNotcrazyYouare4000 - Pots, Pans, Spoons, and an Angry Sister by IamNotcrazyYouareValentine PC 2 - Not Listening by IamNotcrazyYouareTtC Kid Version by IamNotcrazyYouare .:Happy:. by IamNotcrazyYouare6000 - The Gang's All Here by IamNotcrazyYouare

This went on until spring, when a friend of mine introduced me to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. So, I got into that, and started using different art tools - charcoal, lead pencils, and even Painttool SAI. And I also started mixing markers and pencil crayons together.

Like a Star by IamNotcrazyYouare Protect Amy Rose - Contest Entry by IamNotcrazyYouare Mina Mongoose Redesign (Contest Entry) by IamNotcrazyYouare Secret Santa - Bark the Polar Bear by IamNotcrazyYouare .Hush. by IamNotcrazyYouare One of Those Days by IamNotcrazyYouare

And here we are, in 2014. I'm still trying new techniques, drawing both digitally and traditionally, and hanging out with the friends I've met on this site in the past 2 years. I'm not the best artist ever, but I'm happy to be improving. And I'm sure I'll keep doing that as long as I keep drawing and uploading.

Tiptoes by IamNotcrazyYouare Awkward Love by IamNotcrazyYouare Vanilla.EXE Design Update by IamNotcrazyYouare Classic by IamNotcrazyYouareTrue the Hedgehog by IamNotcrazyYouare

And that's the thing about dA. It's like a portfolio. Back in 2012 and even farther back, I used to just draw a bit, and then throw the drawing out. Here, I keep track of my past work, notice the flaws, and improve on it next time. So, that old cliche "practice makes perfect" (that people reaaaaaaally hate hearing xD) actually holds some weight in this case.

Because if I can go from this: .:Pretty:. by IamNotcrazyYouare

To this: Ask Amy 22 by Rosie-Hedgie

…in a little over a year, maybe practice really does make perfect. And so, I keep drawing what I love, and sharing it with all of you. <3
So, I somehow ended up in a discussion in a chatroom about Sonic's sexual orientation. |D I believe he is canonly hetero (though I do ship yaoi pairings of him from time to time), but some people actually brought up some good points about why Sonic could be asexual, pansexual, bisexual or homosexual. I'd list them, but there were a lot.

…and I'm just sharing this because I thought it was an interesting debate.
True the Hedgehog by IamNotcrazyYouare
True the Hedgehog
My SonAmy fanchild, True. I am currently working on his bio, but all you need to know right now is that he's four years old, he's emotionally sensitive, and he likes crayons. x3

I'll be sure to draw a picture where he isn't hiding his face, too. xD But really, this is just an experimental sketch. But the design is pretty much final, though I might change the shoe colour…

(And for those who are wondering what happened to Ally and Dash…well, Ally's still around, but she was never really a SonAmy child. She was "Sonic's daughter" and that was it. I never specified the mother, though it could have very well been Amy. I need to redesign her though, because she looks a little too much like Aleena from Sonic Underground for my liking. And as for Dash…scrapped him. He was never any good to begin with.)
Watercolour Sketches by IamNotcrazyYouare
Watercolour Sketches
Just trying a few different styles of drawing with water colour pencils. And so, I drew the four SEGA hedgehogs. I wanted to add Scourge, too, but I ran out of room. |D
Classic by IamNotcrazyYouare
…because I never draw him, for some reason. xD But he's so cute! x3

Still, I don't understand why he's worth causing a war.

Done with acrylic paint. ^^

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